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Refining and chemical park solutions

The industrial park has a large scale of production, a large number of production equipment, daily inspections and management are difficult, and there are a large number of flammable, explosive, and corrosive products in the park. The safety management of its production, storage, and transportation is of great importance.

Video surveillance realizes the collection, caching, encoding, storage and sending of front-end audio and video information and alarm information, ensuring 24-hour video surveillance, reducing the risk of enterprise accidents, and improving the daily security and production safety early warning capabilities of the enterprise

Comprehensive security system for chemical plants

There are many types of hazardous chemicals produced in the chemical plant, the production lines are widely distributed, and the production site environment is complex. In order to standardize the safe production management of chemical plants, ensure the safety of chemical plant areas, control the safe production of chemical plants in an orderly manner, and quickly carry out emergency response to safety emergencies; it is very necessary to establish an effective "chemical plant integrated security system" of. At the same time, for the chemical plant safety production comprehensive manager, it is of great strategic significance to improve the emergency management level of chemical plant, maintain regional safety, harmony and stability, and improve the rapid response ability of chemical enterprises to safety emergencies.

Fully consider the application requirements of production, safety, fire protection, environmental protection and other departments of the chemical plant at all levels and the overall layout of safety management, and make overall plans for the construction, application, management and maintenance of the video image monitoring system. Adopt the principle of scientific monitoring point deployment, realize the detailed and comprehensive layout of the video monitoring system in the area, increase the deployment density of monitoring points for key parts and blind spots of public security, so as not to leave dead corners, and realize the control of key areas and parts full coverage.

Fully adopt high-definition video surveillance technology to achieve high-definition collection, high-definition encoding, high-definition transmission, high-definition storage, and high-definition display of video image information, achieving true "high-quality, full-HD", and providing intelligent analysis application functions based on high-definition video , To meet the increasingly urgent needs of high-definition video applications from production, safety, and environmental protection management departments at all levels of the chemical plant.

Device area

The installation area is an important place in the petrochemical park. There are various chemical installations. There are a large amount of flammable gas under high temperature and high pressure in the device. A certain concentration of flammable gas is produced around the device. It should be monitored for 24 hours in this area. , Through pan-tilt control, realizing no blind area monitoring. At the same time, fixed point monitoring should be adopted for key points in the device area to ensure real-time video storage and historical image query.

Through infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement technology, non-contact temperature measurement of various equipment, real-time temperature monitoring and early warning of abnormal temperature changes in key parts

Production area

In order to ensure production safety, it is easy to install video surveillance at important points of production to ensure real-time storage of production process video;

Dangerous chemical tank area

there is a certain concentration of flammable gas leakage in the hazardous chemical tank area. It is easy to use explosion-proof cameras. At the same time, the area must prevent anybody from entering and prevent damage. The monitoring can be fixed or cruised.

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Explosion-proof monitoring system
Thermal imaging application in the park
1.Flame monitoring
The thermal imaging camera can detect the temperature of the flame and surrounding objects through flame infrared radiation, and set the temperature threshold range in advance. When the flame is extinguished and the temperature of the surrounding objects drops beyond the critical value, an alarm will be automatically issued. The infrared thermal imaging camera does not rely on external light sources to work and has strong anti-interference ability, so it can realize all-weather flame monitoring with less false alarms and high cost performance.
2.Insulation corrosion diagnosis
Infrared thermal imaging technology is widely used in assisting in locating corrosion defects, evaluating equipment corrosion status, guiding corrosion detection and monitoring, etc. It is one of the important methods for corrosion monitoring in refining and chemical enterprises. There are a large number of equipment with refractory linings in the refinery, such as heating furnaces, sulfur converters, catalytic cracking reactors, etc. Carbon steel is usually used as the container shell. If the wall temperature is too high, it will not only cause a large amount of heat loss, but also reduce the mechanical properties of the steel, leading to equipment failure.Regular monitoring of equipment with refractory lining using infrared thermal imaging can find hot spots on the surface of the equipment in time, so as to determine lining defects to provide a basis for further processing and at the same time guide the lining maintenance of this type of equipment.
3.Judgment of slight leakage of pipeline
When the temperature of the liquid in the pipeline is different from the outside temperature, it is often difficult to detect the slight leakage caused by small defects or cracks in the wall, and flammable materials may induce fire accidents over time. Infrared thermal imaging cameras can show the temperature difference of the leaked liquid on the image, give early warning and guide further inspections.
4.Non-contact inspection of electrical equipment
In the oil refining industry, the temperature of the transformer bus bar contact is an important item in the inspection of electrical equipment. Usually, the operator uses an infrared point thermometer for close-range detection. However, this method is prone to missed testing and has potential safety hazards. With infrared thermal imaging technology, only one or a few pictures can be taken to detect the contact conditions of all contacts, and there is no need for close-range measurement, which ensures the safety of the inspectors.
5.Check the liquid level of the storage tank:
For storage tanks without an external insulation layer, infrared thermal imaging technology can be used to judge the liquid level of the storage tank when storing the thermal flow, or to judge whether the level gauge is invalid. The picture is an infrared thermal imaging picture of a certain storage tank. The height of the liquid level can be clearly judged from the picture.
6.Fire protection monitoring of hazardous chemicals warehouse
For warehouses where some key hazardous chemicals are stacked, all fireworks must be strictly prohibited. The thermal imaging camera can detect the fire point through the heat source and realize the alarm. It can detect cigarette butts and open flames in a small area, or set temperature detection to warn of abnormal heat sources in advance.
7.The perimeter of the park
The feature of thermal imaging without fear of light conditions can be used to alarm people and vehicles that illegally enter the prohibited area under various lighting environments such as strong light, low light and no light.
8.High point monitoring
Thermal imaging can be used for high-point monitoring due to its long-distance detection and sensitive detection of heat sources. It can realize the monitoring of large-scale persons and vehicles in the park.
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